Those swingers from what used to be called Al Qaeda in Iraq raising ruckus from Baghdad to Paris, Orlando and so on. Oh, I know. It was the Bush government that unleashed that particular genie from the bottle, Jordan’s Abu Musab al-Zarqawi rushing into the lawless void and redefining the meaning of barbarism. 

But, we’re all brothers right? It don’t matter what team you want to follow. We all want a bright peaceful life, for our kids to be able to stroll down the street without a bullet or bomb tearing ‘em apart.

In an obvious manipulation of words, the jihadist war cry of “Allah Akbar” which is often followed by suicide bomb, machine gun fire or some other munition, has been inverted to mean, Peace is Great!

The Hawaiian word Aloha also means affection and compassion (as well has hello and goodbye).

The Malibu-based clothing company, Brothers Marshall, and the Bondi-LA-based website,, firmly believe in the Martin Luther King Jr posit that  “Love is the only force capable of turning an enemy into a friend.”

Show the world you mean love with your own Aloha Akbar tee or hat!

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