Alex Israel

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Alex Israel is a true Los Angeles artist that expresses a look and a feeling through his work that could only be captured by a true Angeleno. The BROS first became aware of Alex through a friend Nina Miner who starred in a web series he created called "Rough Winds". The insanely precise early 90's art direction of the show blew our minds and made us feel like we were in an episode of 90210. The Epically odd montages of wealthy Angeleno families and youth interacting hit home and captivated us right from the first 5 seconds of the show. Several years went bye and we finally met Alex and we fell in love at first sight. We were super honored that Alex agreed to let us take his photo and include him in our portrait series. Be sure to check out his genius Talk show "As it LAys" where he interviews the likes of Cristina Ricci, Larry Flint, Molly Ringwald, Kato Kaelin, Oliver Stone, Phyllis Diller, and James Worthy to name a few....

Andy Lyon

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Andy Lyons is a 3rd generation Malibuian freedom fighter. He was raised on the Malibu colony and began taking over the Malibu line ups in the early 1970's. You might recognize him from the 1970's pepsi professional skate team or the Malibu cult classic surf documenties "RUNMAN". He is still currently holding down the first point Malibu line up and is still standing up for what's right by fighting the machine that is slowly destroying his beloved Malibu. Say or think what you want about Andy but the fact is that every surf line up needs an Andy Lyon to restore a certain order even at a line up as crazy as First Point Malibu.

Beau "Beauner" Biglow

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Beau "Beauner" Biglow AKA BO BO..... Beau is the

Auguste Arthur "Scott" / "A. A." / "the new Deal" Bondy

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Britlyn "Trouble" Coleman

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Brook "Dirt" Power

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Chad "Night Snake" Marshall

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Charlie "Bra" Smith

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Colton "lil wave killer" Sarlo

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Derek "Dijon" Marshall

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DJ Harvey

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Eddie "Secret Circuit" Ruscha Jr.

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Farmer Dave Scher

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Gage Frink

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